Guidolin Girotto Srl has developed a patented cutting system that is unique in its class. GD PLAS combines laser and blade technology to achieve unprecedented functionality and effectiveness.

The solution integrates a CO2 laser plotter with a flat die-cutter, enabling maximum quality even when executing special details and on any flexible technical materials (plastic, adhesives, print plate tapes, labels, foam, velcro…), no matter how difficult.

For special jobs. The GD PLAS die-cutting line is capable of performing high precision partial and full cutting. It was designed in order to meet the needs of special productions, for example for making prototypes; cutting dies requiring long and narrow work spaces (typically in the automotive and electronics sectors); cutting complex shapes that are difficult to make with a die-cutter; and microperforation. The laser’s cutting area can vary from 300×1000 to 600×1500 mm.

Maximum flexibility. GD PLAS can work continuously, using all or some of the systems it is equipped with: just the laser plotter for the production of single pieces or just the flat die-cutting unit where laser cutting is unnecessary.
Furthermore, since the system is installed on tracks, the laser can be temporarily removed when the user wants to use the machine as a simple die-cutter. In this case, various additional optionals can be mounted in its place.  The laser plotter is managed by a dedicated software that imports the work spec files.