An interesting solution for lamination was presented on September 29th by Remac Converting at its Piacenza plant in collaboration with Sun Chemical. The big multinational player supplied the Emilian manufacturer of laminating machines with the adhesives and coatings that give the flexible materials the barriers and machinability necessary for the success of the LegO project. It is the name, not by chance, of a new type of extremely flexible, entry level and compact laminating machine, to be modularized and possibly upgraded in the future, depending on the processing required by the user, and on each individual’s investment possibilities.

Everything in a single step

This machine, explained Sergio Piga, owner of Remac Converting, stands out from others on the market because it contains in a single solution all the functions that other manufacturers distribute across multiple different models. But not only that: it performs a new function, i.e. carrying out coating and laminating in a single step. This makes LegO economically convenient and also allows small and medium converters to equip themselves with technologies that allow them to diversify their offering and approach new customers, offering the sustainable single-material packaging that the market demands today.

Sun Chemical barrier coatings and adhesives

The large global ink manufacturer is investing significant resources in the development of coatings and adhesives for flexible packaging. The objective is to respond to the need for new single-material films – therefore more easily recyclable at the end of life – capable of guaranteeing the same barrier performance as traditional laminates, and at a sustainable cost.

At the OH of Remac Converting – introduced by Fiorenza Raggi, Sun Chemical Italia marketing communication manager – it showcased the SunBar line coatings with oxygen barrier and the Paslim solvent free two-component adhesives for lamination, also with oxygen barrier, consistently with the coupling of a PP film for dry food packaging, in live demo on LegO. The results, documented by the slides, are formidable.