An impactful stand and very satisfactory redemption characterized Lohmann’s experience at Converfex.

«We registered a high number of visitors, especially from abroad, and Africa and South America in particular», affirmed Francesco Paolo Festa, Lohmann Italia’s CEO, at the end of the event. «Converflex 2015 has been a positive experience without a doubt – he commented – and it is clear that holding the converting fair alongside those for packaging and logistics is a winning idea».

The well-known flexo industry adhesive solution manufacturer’s participation at Converflex hinged on making value not only of its individual products, but also and especially the personalized consulting service which Lohmann offers its customers with the objective of supplying each one optimal and optimized solutions. This service is based on the equipment and competencies developed at the FlexoLAB, a flexography lab set up in Germany at the company’s central headquarters, in partnership with the flexo printer manufacturer Tresu, for the purpose of perfecting the performance of print plate tapes for polymer bonding in the various high speed flexographic printing processes.

Equipped with plate-mounting module programed to execute specific tests and simulations, the lab enables reproducing the effective physical and mechanical parameters of a “real” job, and consequently predicting the results that a customer can achieve. With this information, finally, Lohmann engineers can supply information and useful tips for enhancing flows and yields.