Finat, international federation of self-adhesive labels manufacturers, presents Radar, a semi-annual publication for its associate members, which updates on narrow band trends and growth rates in the European supply chain.

In particular, Radar compares analysis on market trends with converter, brand owner, materials supplier and capital goods performance. In the first issue, over 50 label manufacturers of various European nations took part in a survey on trends regarding sales and profits, data production and supply of goods. The processing of the responses shows that, compared to an average growth of turnover in 2013 standing at 5.15%, for 2014 European converters forecast a growth of 3.08% and an average increase in demand (in volume) of 3.61%. The first issue of Radar also includes a European Labelstock Index and a European Conventional Press Index, which aggregates data useful for highlighting the growth and/or decline compared to the previous quarter in each sector.

The variable “other regions” In the first issue of the report, brand owners responded to a survey on the supply trends of their companies, and their propensity to replace the normal (Western) supply channels with those of other regions. More than 50% of respondents said that within the next 12 months they will seriously consider the search for new sources, for some or all of the labels currently purchased in Western Europe.
Despite this declaration of intent, sector statistics are positive. In 2013 the demand for self-adhesive labels in Europe grew by 3.5%, especially in the second half of the year, with non paper (film) labels at +5.9% and paper labels putting in a +3.3%; the highest growth was recorded in eastern countries. Given the results of the first quarter of this year, the forecast for 2014 is also positive.