The agreement between Robatech and Leary was immediately seen to be a success. This is demonstrated by the supply of a quality control system to the Swiss company Weber Verpackung, providing an immediate solution in order to guarantee conformity of the product leaving their glue-fn-fold machine.

Weber Verpackungen of Menziken (CH), well-known producer of printed and customized packaging in paper, solid as well as corrugated board, turned to Robatech to find an urgent solution to a problem on its production lines: the frequent output of flawed pieces from its main machine, a glue-n-folder, used in delicate applications. The intensification of controls following random sampling had in fact not proven sufficient to guarantee the quality of the entire output; the packaging delivered often did not conform to standard, with consequent inconvenience and added cost to the customer. Weber Verpackungen’s reputation for reliability risked being seriously jeopardised.

An “upstream” solution
Thanks to the agreement made with Leary in April 2014, Robatech was able to offer Weber Verpackungen a state-of-the-art control system. Named Quality Assurance, It features as the Robatech’s US partner’s lead product, and comprises a high performance monitoring system that scans the cutting areas to reveal any flaws on each and every product leaving the machine (checking for example if the glue has been applied in the right amount in the designated areas). The flawed pieces are intercepted “upstream” and immediately expelled. The system is simple and user friendly,  guaranteeing the quality of the entire production, also at high speed and in complex operations. Aboveall, flawed products have now been reduced down to a minimum.

A more efficient process
Thanks to Quality Assurance the efficiency and productivity of the glue-n-fold machine has also increased because random controls downstream can be considerably reduced, thus speeding up the workflow without reneging on quality, even at high production rates. Robatech and Leary’s quick response has enabled the achievement of the project in a short timespan. The new system was installed on the Weber line December 15 2014; after an update training course the workers were able to return to work immediately and in subsequent March, in the final workshop, were able to clear up the last doubts and thus terminate the project successfully.

«The system worked perfectly right from the beginning and lived up to our expectations. We judge the RobatechLeary system as a good investment for our customers, to whom we must guarantee the delivery of top quality, reliable products» Weber Verpackung CEO Roberto Rossini commented. Who added: «Quality Assurance contributes to an efficient gluing process and zeroes additional costs for us and for the system users, creating a perfect win-win solution».