Plate lifting, air bubbles, traceability: automating the mounting of photpolymers, BiesSse’s Pressure Roller Trolley solves the most frequent flexographic printing problems. Thanks to over thirty years of experience built up by the “pocket multinational” alongside its users, and their great knowhow concerning materials and machinery.

Conceived to automate a set part of the workphase and solve some of the most frequent flexo printing problems, called PRT (Pressure Roller Trolley) BiesSse’s innovatory photopolymer mounting system has successfully undergone testing by the most important printers.
PRT in fact guarantees a homogeneous and constant incremental pressure on all web and photopolymer surfaces, thus enabling correct mounting and ensuring correct adhesion. In this way a series of problems difficult to detect, like plate lifting and the presence of air bubbles, that affect performance during print phase and the final results, can be avoided. Not only that: via a dedicated and userfriendly software, the PRT gathers a great amount of information, often difficult to glean, such as web type used, operator ID, machine type and the order data (number, date, time, color code and relative position in the machine), guaranteeing process traceability.

From the adhesive to the machine: the Equipment Division
PRT is the latest development of BisSse technology, the result of a market approach that aims at constant innovation (and that consequently invests in R&D) and on the capacity to solve even the most challenging problems. This road has among other things led to the company acquiring a strong specialisation in flexographic printing, where BiesSse offers itself as a partner in critical cases. The company rests on two founding principles: thirty years of working alongside its customers, with the consequent build-up of capacities that go beyond the start-up (in this case adhesive tape), and the many ways consequent choice of making web production and converting machines “inhouse”:
Indeed BiesSse’s Equipment Division, that creates its flexo machines, was born out of this test bed of mechanical engineering electronics, design and engineering. Here too the approach is custom: once the user’s needs have been identified, the Equipment Division technicians design and create advanced, turnkey and made-to-measure industrial systems for converting and applying adhesive materials and not only. All this integrated with the customer’s IT systems. Hence high performance plus the safety and efficiency of the production processes, evaluated and overhauled in terms of lean manufacturing are guaranteed.  

BiesSse SpA came into being in the seventies, brainchild of the current president Giampiero Gatti and was among the first companies to design, produce and sell quality technical adhesive tape for industrial applications. Thanks to the strong commitment in R&D, today the company has devised an extensive range of products for flexographic printing and is capable of supplying double sided tape for printing in the flexible packaging, label, pre- and post-print sectors. Based at Sedriano (MI), Italy, the company has developed to be able to serve a host of markets and sectors at international levels and is present with direct branches in Brazil, Austria, UK, India, Singapore and China.