CORONA TREATMENT An innovatory plasma atmosphere treatment, a system dedicated to plastic tubes for teleheating, an extrusion and a high performance converting station: Ferrarini & Benelli will be present at drupa and Plast with different key new features, consolidating its own leading role in its chosen outlet sectors.

Ferrarini & Benelli (Romanengo, CR) is placing the onus on R&D and has doubled investments in promotion to manage their simultaneous presence at Drupa and Plast. Objective: preside over the two main areas of application of their corona treatment systems – extrusion and converting – and present users with the latest developments and patents, featuring some important innovations.
Plasma in atmosphere – The most significant consists of a new type of surface treatment that works in atmospheric pressure and hence does not require vacuum technology. Designed to provide optimal levels of wettability of polymers and metals, thus ensuring the adhesion of inks, glues, coatings, etc.., it is named FB Plasma 3D and comprises a high frequency generator and a dedicated nozzle. The plasma is created within the nozzle between two electrodes and is subsequently directed towards the substrate treated via air flow. The treatment area of a single nozzle is 10 mm.
A patent for pipes
– Ferrarini & Benelli has also patented a new TTU station for corona treatment of polyethylene pipes used in district heating plants, providing a protective sheath for the entire "steel tube-insulating material" system. The pipes in fact transport hot fluids from power stations towards civil or industrial complexes; corona treatment is performed inside the same in order to improve the anchorage of the polyurethane foam insulation.
Bikappa Rotary – A new bilateral treatment station has also been devised for the extrusion sector, fitted with a special electrode that enables the easy selection of areas to be treated. It is called Rotary Bikappa and features an external air-gap adaptation system, which enables the easy adjustment of the electrode roller distance during the replacement of the electrodes or while processing materials of different thickness gauges. The station also features a fast disassembly system for quick and simple maintenance.
Kappa Plus – Lastly, a treatment station for high performance converting. Kappa Plus is extremely versatile: can be equipped with aluminium electrodes to treat plastic film and paper, and ceramic electrodes for conductive materials in general. Various models with differing modularity and number of electrodes are offered to satisfy the different production requirements and speeds. Here too the electrode unit has a special air-gap adjustment system, which acts from the outside and also enables the use of the system for treating thick gauge materials; a rapid disassembly system  likewise facilitates maintenance and replacement.