On 3-4 May, I&C and Grafikontrol organized an open house at the headquarters of the Milanese manufacturer of quality control systems in order to inform visitors on application issues, hold demos and present their latest product innovations. Such innovations include Procheck, a system that is unique in its class, enabling the user to trace and remove defects in printed rolls.

Sergio Puoti, head of sales I&C – a concern that distributes Grafikontrol products in the Italian flexography market – ran a number of demo sessions with small groups of operators, a format that enabled him to personalize the presentations and field questions from each and every visitor. The guests all arrived from northern Italy, seeking ways to optimize their process during the production cycle: from neutral material quality control during extrusion, to that during printing, including tracing defects, through to quality control in the cutting area.

In each session, Paolo De Grandis, head of sales and managing partner Grafikontrol, presented an enterprise that is growing in all regions of the world, along with the entire TQC-360° quality control product family: Matrix, Lynex, Progrex, Chromalab and Procheck. The demos were held in the demo center, conducted by Mario Maggioni, area manager Grafikontrol, on the reviewing machine on which the various programs were installed.

The new Procheck
Particular interest was garnered by Procheck, a unique system on the market that enables tracing and removing defects in printed rolls. «The main problem printers face today is defect traceability – explains Paolo De Grandis – and at Grafikontrol we have been investigating how to most efficiently identify defects. Procheck includes an inkjet printer that reproduces a sync-code on the edge of the web that is just 2 mm wide, repeated at set intervals. This makes locating the defect with the reviewing/cutting machine easier and ensures absolute precision».