Summa of the skills and experience gained by De Rossi Vittoriano Srl in special printing and converting processes, called Complete 350, the company’s new modular machine includes flexo printing/coating, die-cutting and finishing units. Its flexibility is something quite special… .

Complete 350 is the latest, brand new realization of De Rossi Vittoriano Srl. Its project was born from the continuous dialogue that the Paderno Dugnano (MI) company entertains with the flexo printing and complementary processing market. It is in response to growing demand from all areas of application for solutions able to perform – on the same system, and with the maximum operational and economic rationality – the processes necessary to create labels and flexible packaging of all kinds. More precisely, by having processes required by a single job order, by activating the necessary functions as need be.

Flexibility, ease and precision

Completa 350 comprises all De Rossi Vittoriano Srl units, such as the printing/coating, die-cutting and finishing flexo units, to offer both small converters as well as large volume printers a system that can be configured to measure, enabling a whole variety of jobs to be carried out. «This machine – the company marketing manager Fabio Aimi explains – is the result of years of experience in direct contact with those working on rotary machines. It arises from the need to adapt the production machine to jobs that are evermore fragmented and different from each other. Its “completeness” derives from the fact that multiple units (flexo printing, die-cutting, material laminating, inkjet head, print finishing and much more) can be inserted and positioned according to the work to be performed». On the mechanical side, this flexibility is obtained by interchanging the units according to the various needs, preparing the machine optimally for each job. But electronics also contribute to making Completa 350 a flexible and efficient system. For example, thanks to the appropriate “recipe book” all job settings (paper stretching, corrections of the register etc.) can be saved and called up later in the event of a repeat run. Completa 350 can be certified for Industry 4.0. The machine is also set up to completa 350 can be certified for Industry 4.0 communicate with the company system, providing various information on work in progress: what is being produced, the average production speed, number and duration of the stops, the quantity produced and the amount of time required to finish the job at the given speed.

An open layout

The modularity of the Complete 350 derives from the fact that it has been designed to be able to shift single units along the entire length of the machine to position them where needed. This creates a virtually infinite possibility of combined processing on each job, plus the opportunity of adding further units in the future at limited costs. «The machine is devised together with the customer – Fabio Aimi explains – and is composed according to their specific needs, obtaining a customised, typically “tailor made” solution. Its potential is truly wide. Completa can mount up to 12 units, comprising flexo printing/coating-, die-cutting (also laser) and print finishing units (such as cold and multilayer printing), systems for laminating different materials, independent rewinders/unwinders, electrostatic mats for the control of paper tension, inkjet heads and much more … And this type of project also enables costs to be reduced when adding any new units in the future».

The knowhow at the basis of the machine

Flexo printing/coating
De Rossi Vittoriano Srl has always been a benchmark in the world of flexographic printing where it has gained notoriety and the trust of Italian and international converters thanks to its very high precision flexo units. These systems are aboveall appreciated for their versatility, due to the interchangeability of the closed chamber with membrane pump and the ink roller, as well as the plates and sleeves. Their high performance is largely due to advanced electronics and skilled engineering, particularly evident in the flexo unit. Equipped with independent motorization, the unit enables the performing of register printing and overprint register printing on pre-printed material. It also adapts automatically to the speed and acceleration of the machine and follows any pitch, keeping the register even in the absence of reference notches.

Finishing and special units
From cold and hot printing, to multi-layer systems, from printing on the back and on adhesives to plastification systems, the study and devising of innovative customer dedicated projects is at the basis of the company’s daily work.

In recent years, De Rossi Vittoriano Srl has specialized in “difficult” die cuts. In order to satisfy even the most particular requirements concerning this phase of processing, the company’s R&D has created an extremely versatile and easy-to-use die-cutting unit, this too with independent motorization. This includes the possibility to study a dedicated laser cutting/die cutting system.

The lamination and handling of difficult materials
The Paderno based company has developed ad hoc systems to manage materials that cannot be crushed, bent or excessively lengthened. In this context, various solutions for checking the paper tension and that of the other materials, including electrostatic mats, independent rewinders and unwinders, lamination presses and a lot more have been perfected.