Online shopping is booming. According to Statista, global parcel shipping volume reached over 159 billion parcels in 2021. This number is expected to amount to 256 billion parcels shipped in 2027, which implies a CAGR of 8.5%.

The downside of online shopping and home orders: tons of board and paper waste that is not disposed of correctly. Very often, filling materials and adhesive tapes end up in wastepaper and must be meticulously separated before recycling processes are possible. This is where tesa comes in with its new product solution tesa® 51344.

tesa® 51344 is a paper-based tear tape for shipping envelopes and boxes. The tape’s innovative, strong paper backing is combined with a high-tack adhesive, ensuring a reliable bond also on board with highly recycled content. When the packaging is disposed of, the tape can be recycled along with the packaging material. tesa is one of very few producers in the market that offers this innovation in its portfolio, providing customers in the corrugated board industry with a more sustainable product, which is also suitable for automated production lines.

“With this new product solution, we present our customers with a fully integrated and more sustainable solution for the production of packaging and cardboard shipping material. We manufacture tesa® 51344 without solvents; the paper used comes from controlled sources,” says Frank Domann, Corporate Marketing Director Industrial Markets at tesa. “The development of products that help promote sustainability is a strategically important goal for tesa. And we also want to support our customers and partners in achieving their sustainability goals. With tesa® 51344, our customers may take advantage of a more sustainable product for their manufacturing process, while at the same time we improve the ecological balance of shipping boxes or shipping envelopes,” adds Domann.

Paper Technology Foundation (PTS) classifies tesa® 51344 as “recyclable”

The recyclability test acc. to PTS-RH 021:2012 confirms that tesa® 51344 is recyclable and therefore disposable with the board material. This method is used to determine the content of dissolved, colloidal, and suspended substances in the aqueous phase of the fiber suspension following pulping on a laboratory scale.
During its development phase, tesa® 51344 also passed several application tests with different cardboard and corrugated flute types. The adhesive tape convinces with its strong adhesive strength and a reliable opening performance. Customer-specific substrates can be tested at any time upon request at tesa.