SCA has developed Print Only, a oneside coated paper of the Sustainable Packaging family, particularly suited to applications in flexible packaging, from bags to packaging in general.

It features a high print quality and opacity, and is certified for direct contact with dry food and fats; more generally, being produced with 100% virgin fibre, it can be used in all food packaging.
Solo Print is suitable as a basis for the lamination or coating with PE/PP inside, to enable heat sealing and provide protection against moisture, and can be used in applications with cardboard, also as a lightweight liner with corrugated structures thanks to the good profile and dimensional stability. Its coating is of very high quality.

Solo Print is an addition to the preceding Sustainable Packaging lines under the Splendo, Operio and Pure brands. They include coated and uncoated papers and, in addition to the characteristics of strength, lightness and printability, stand out for their environmental performance, with a low carbon footprint, and their being made from virgin fibres from responsibly and eco-friendly managed forests.