According to Acimga’s research center, the graphic, paper and converting machinery industry experienced a strong second quarter in 2018. This trend is embedded within the first four-month period of the year, which showed growth also in terms of foreign trade, with increased exports and particularly dynamic in imports, confirming the growth of domestic demand. During April-June of this year, the sector saw +9.1% growth in turnover over that of 2017, thanks to the growth of both the domestic (+17.5%) and foreign markets (+2.5%). Orders rose by 12.1%, sustained especially by foreign markets (+16.7%), while the domestic market shrank by 3.3%. In terms of semesters, from January to June of 2018, orders rose by 7.3% with +2.9% growth in domestic orders and +8.9% in foreign orders.

All exports

Looking at the Acimga data relating to foreign trade during January-April 2018, we can see a slight increase in exports and substantial growth in imports, which have doubled since last year. Sales in Europe are on the rise (+8.5%), and excellent results have been achieved elsewhere as well, especially Asia and South America, both at +23.6%. Exports dropped, however, to North America (-15.2%) and Africa (-24.1%). Nonetheless, the United States remains the main export destination of Italian OEMs, followed by Germany, Spain and France.