Double commitment at Converflex for Sante Conselvan, who presided over the fair as head of I&C and as president of both Atif as well as FTA Europe. In the vestige of entrepreneur, he promoted a collective stand that gave visibility to a group of companies with complementary products and services (I&C, Gama, Digital Flex, Camis and ICR), and that became a benchmark, also in convivial terms, for many other exhibitors.

As President of Atif (post meanwhile confirmed unanimously for the period 2015-18), he introduced an important technical conference on the future of flexo, organized in cooperation with FTA Europe, full of effective and stimulating contents, that was attended by double the expected participants. Actively involved in the relaunch of the European Flexographic Federation, Conselvan is highlighting to colleagues from other countries a series of proposals among which feature new conferences, communication projects and the launch of a super European award for the sector, the candidates being the winners of  the national competitions (like the fledgling “Best in Flexo” for Italy).

Converflex has been a good testbed for both types of undertakings, corporate as well as institutional, bolstered by a market that Conselvan does not define as “recovering” simply due to that fact that, in his opinion, it never stopped: «Even when the converter is not buying new machines he or she is at any rate committed to optimising other work and company aspects, investing resources and perfecting competencies. Hence, the work is there, and one needs to be capable of understanding the requirement of the market in order to serve it. From this point of view, networking constitutes a huge strongpoint and true source of competitive advantage, both for the suppliers as well as for their customers».