Print4All confirms its role as an incubator and content promoter for the printing supply chain. The journey starts with two days dedicated to all the professionals of this industry. Main focus: automation.

Ten months after the first edition of the new B2B exhibition Print4All, the printing community will meet for the 2019 Print4All Conference at Fiera Milano on 21 and 22 March (Sala Martini, “Stella Polare” Conference Centre). The Conference is organised by Acimga (Association of Italian Machinery Manufacturers for the Graphics, Converting and Paper Industry) and ARGI (Italian Association of Graphics Industry Suppliers) with the support of ICE (Italian Trade Agency) and Fiera Milano, and aims at being the annual event in which all the supply chain can meet and learn.

The focus will be on technology 4.0, which is changing the manufacturing industry and preparing the grounds for the development of a new production paradigm.

Connected devices, 3D printers, artificial intelligence, machine learning, business intelligence, data and analytics optimise every production stage, eliminating inefficiencies and maximising production and execution.

A new company model has been developed thanks to this technological evolution and the spreading of Smart Print Manufacturing. This new model combines production methods with industrial technologies to optimise all the stages of the printing process.

Print4All brings together the entire community – printers, brand owners, and creatives – to talk about the hottest topics for the industry and the challenges that both producers and users are taking on, as the printing market is experiencing deep changes. By bringing together technology developers, major end-users, and creatives, who conceive products that can be possible only thanks to the printing industry, the Print4All Conference will be the ideal place where to find tips, learn about needs, and collecting content.

The 2019 edition will not only be inheriting the macro topics on which the “Future of…” focused on, but will also be the first step of a journey that will continue with the 2020 Conference and end in 2021 within the trade fair, which will be back with a busy schedule of events for any type of player. A sort of virtuous circle at the service of the supply chain and the printing community in the name of sharing and continuous training.

The two-day event that will take place in March will provide technology developers, converters/printers, influencers, and brand owners an international platform to be up-to-date, develop new ideas, and evaluate new business opportunities. A place where to understand how the printing industry can play a key role in the communication of brands and find new ways to renew your company and be competitive in a market driven by new digital technologies.

The Print4All conference will be a journey through new business models and modern market initiatives, innovative ways to support consumers through the purchase process and new products that meet their requirements.

This initiative, as well as the past editions, is part of the ACIMGA ‘Made By Italy’ project, which will support the promotion of the conference abroad and will bring players and journalists from major European countries, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Algeria, USA, and India to Milan.

The last edition of the conference was held in 2017 at Fiera Milano. It was a strategic step to approach the 2018 event and it involved over 400 players from all over Europe, becoming an important international event for the entire printing community.