At the time of writing, at noon on April 4, the US organised Linkedin “COVID-19 Print Group” counted more than 1400 but the number, which has gone from 0 to 800 in the first 3 days and is increasing hour by hour. Much participation is fueled by the fact that in the US of anti-contagion quarantine there is still confusion about the rules to follow, both as private individuals and as producers, and the manufacturing sector is in difficulty. The Linkedin group has been founded by 5 communication and marketing specialists to build a network of American printers and brand owners interested in collaborating in this moment of crisis. It is one of the most concretely useful initiatives to create a “crisis economy” that overcomes the natural barriers between competitors to promote mutual aid in case of problems in producing and supplying the market. And it has also become, in fact, a blog of questions and answers, advice and comparison.