2015 has begun with significant growth in orders received by Nordmeccanica from the USA and Canada.

The Piacenza-based concern is a global leader in machinery for the production of plastic films. Already in the first quarter of the current year, the concern’s projected sales in North America indicate 10-12% growth over the same period of 2014, a year in which the North American market accounted for 12% of Nordmeccanica’s overall turnover of 100 million euro. The progress in US markets expected for this year – explains president Antonio Cerciello – has largely to do with metallization and solventless technologies, with zero environmental impact.

In light of these trends, Nordmeccanica continues to invest in America, opening a new 1000 m2 facility outside New York when the old site on Long Island, opened in 2001, no longer met the needs of the growing American market (in recent years, the company’s US turnover has grown at a constant annual rate of 15%).

Nordmeccanica customers in the United States and Canada are among the world’s major producers of plastic films and flexible packaging. With the help of Made in Italy equipment, these concerns produce multilayer foils and films guaranteeing hermetic closure, total hygiene and resistance to handling, used mainly in food and pharmaceutical packaging, as well as in high tech productions.
The concern has also made substantial investments within Italy. In 2014, Nordmeccanica unveiled in Piacenza its third Italian facility, dedicated to vacuum metallization. This technology enables metallizing paper and plastic films to create films with characteristics similar to aluminium, but more economical and ecological.