ISTAT has released the latest trade data available for printing, converting and bookbinding machines referring the months of January-May 2022.

Compared to the same period of the previous year, there is a single digit increase in exports, while imports almost double in number. Exports amount to 615 million euros, +5.3% compared to 2021. There’s a positive growth in America and Asia, while Europe experiences a decline in purchases of Italian machinery. In America (24.5% of the total share) the increase is equal to +16.7%, in Asia (representing 18.4%) the growth reaches +15.8%. In contrast, Europe, which absorbs 50.7% of Italian exports, sees 2% reduction. The first export market is the United States (99.3 million €), followed by Germany (57.1 million €), France (39.3 million €), Turkey and Spain. 

There was a marked growth in exports in the American market, conflicting trends in Europe, and a decline in sales in China. Total imports increased by +88.9%, up to 284 million euros, with strong differences from area to area. European suppliers, which account for 79.9% of imports, recorded an increase of +85.1%; Asia on the other hand, which is the source of 18.5% of imports, is up 148%. America, from which less than 2% of machinery comes, fell by -23.2%. Germany is the largest supplier (120 million €), followed by China (36.4 million €), France (31.2 million €) and the Netherlands (16.9 million €).