The first machine in the world that produces coreless alufoil rolls has been unveiled at Interpack 2023

IMS Technologies exhibits at Interpack 2023, the n. 1 International Trade Fair for the packaging world, from May 4th to 10th in Düsseldorf, Germany with much news to unveil.
At booth D76 – hall 13 the Group presents with its brands Rotomac , the world leading manufacturer of machinery for food wrapping rolls; LAEM IMS, specialized in slitting and winding machinery for the converting and flexible packaging industries; and Goebel IMS, well-known for its wide range of slitter rewinders, un- and rewinders, able to process almost any kind of material.

This is the first edition of the event after Covid-19 pandemic, and for IMS Technologies it comes with a full range of innovations. The first one is the new revolutionary Rotomac Icebreaker 167, which has been presented on worldwide premiere. This new machine represents a turning point within the packaging industry, as it is conceived to produce alufoil rolls where core is replaced by a thin paper sheet. The technology integrated into Rotomac Icebreaker 167 allows to produce higher quality rolls, with a smoother and more uniform external surface and very little wrinkles inside. Moreover, the revolutionary production process of coreless alufoil rolls has a positive and great impact not only on production costs but also on our planet. As a matter of fact, the coreless roll helps companies to use production materials in a more cost-effective way, meeting the rule that “less is more”.

Following this direction, Icebreaker 167 ensures many different advantages for producers:

  • Less paper: at the same production conditions, less paper (-73 %) is used.
  • Less weight: there is a difference between handling one box of cores and handling one box of paper sheets. A box of cores weighs 10 kg and contains about 280 cores while 10 kg of paper sheets correspond to about 1500 sheets.
  • Less space: Icebreaker 167 encourages material optimization and space-efficiency, as paper sheets take up less space than traditional cores.
  • Less cost: the absence of cores to be stocked for production ensures a sharp reduction of 87.5% of stock and logistics costs.
  • Less environmental impact: as logistics costs are cut down, Co2 emissions are lowered too. For the same number of rolls produced, the number of trucks needed to deliver paper sheets is 1/8 the number of trucks that would be necessary to transport traditional cores.
  • Glueless: during the rewinding process no adhesive material – such as glue – is needed because the inner edge is wrapped without using hot melt-glue.
  • Less dust: coreless aluminium foil rolls production generates almost zero dust, with a positive impact on the degree of cleanliness of the workplace.
  • Less time: Icebreaker 167 doesn’t have any hopper, which makes the machine more user friendly while helping the operator to handle the paper sheets more easily.

In other words, the coreless rolls of aluminium foil are more efficient and environmentally friendly than conventional ones. At booth 13D76 visitors have the opportunity to see the live demos of two Rotomac machines: the Icebreaker 167 rewinding machine and the 505 cartoning machine.

LAEM IMS also presents its portfolio for the flexible packaging industry, including Riboslit, RB Series, TR Series and its solutions for technologically advanced end-of-line full automation. Visitors have the chance to discover the new LAEM IMS eSLIT – the essential twin-shaft slitter rewinder designed for film manufacturers and converters who seek a simple solution to process their materials with reduced investment and without affecting quality.

Among the other highlights, our Goebel IMS experts are glad to unveil the latest innovations for the paper, film and nonwoven industries. In particular, Hyperslit Giant is the very first fully automatic slitter rewinder for nonwoven applications. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, it can guarantee the highest levels of productivity and efficiency as well as top rewinding quality. A complete range of machines for the nonwoven industry is also available.

Finally, Interpack 2023 is the occasion to discover more about IMS Technologies’ offers for its after-sales services, such as field or remote assistance, preventive maintenance, retrofit, upgrade and rebuilding programs. It is also possible to explore our innovative industrial IoT platform, MAIA, developed to meet the customers’ needs in the Industry 4.0 era.