Called “Flexo Best Practice Toolbox (draft 1)”, it was presented this February 20th in Brussels by FTA Europe during an international press conference. It represents the first important result in the educational program of the European federation of flexographers and was illustrated with understandable pride by the current president of FTA Europe, Sante Conselvan, assisted by Stefano d’Andrea and Sergio Molino, the two experts who coordinated the challenging work of collection, selection and composition of the enormous amount of disparate documents, produced over time by the individual national institutions (Atif, in Italy). The Flexo Best Practice Toolbox, in fact, is the best step by step flexo printing good practice guide, starting from the pre-press and considering all the components and processing steps. This is the first manual (to be followed by periodic reviews stimulated by readers’ comments and contributions and the evolution of technologies) dedicated to operators who print in flexo and is edited in digital format to be easily consultable and host the video tutorials. Upheld by the contribution of a number of industry supporters, it is currently being translated from Italian and can be downloaded from the FTA Europe website by paying a modest fee.

The convention “Shaping the future of print”

FTA wanted to present its Toolbox on the eve of a well-attended congress on printed packaging, fielded together with Intergraf, European federation of printers’s associations (in Italy Assografici). Among the extremely qualified speakers and talks, we underline Ania Krolak (Smithers Pira), who presented a detailed market study, realized for the occasion, on the status and trend of printed packaging in Europe, and the passionate and applauded talk held by Pierluigi Gava, CEO of Cartotecnica Postumia, who described the process, difficulties and results (truly sizeable) of the transformation of the Veneto printer following the principles of lean production with the direct involvement of all the staff. Target: create value for the company, customers, collaborators and, last but not least, the environment: central aspect of many talks of the day.