Bomarko, one of America’s leading flexible packaging converters, wanted a flexo machine to produce high quality food packaging on a special food paper that was highly productive and efficient. And that carried out the control in all the phases and 100% both of the printing and of the coating.

Soma Engineering has created it, in collaboration with Grafikontrol for quality control technologies. It’s called Optima 2, it has a web of 1500 mm, 8 printing units and a rotogravure group in line for the application of the cold seal in register. Optima 2 is intended for food/non food packaging printing for 80% on paper with water-based inks, reaches 500 m min and has been shown in operation at the K in Düsseldorf.

«We have included ProgreX – explains Paolo De Grandis, GM Grafikontrol – which combines 100% inspection of the printed version with the detail of the tape to guarantee total quality control over the entire web  and for the entire print run. In addition, LineX was installed on the machine, for 100% inspection of transparent varnishes, cold seal and lacquering, MatriX C/S for simultaneous viewing of the front + back print for checking the register and our EasyTracker for traceability of defects throughout the production process: a unique system that makes it possible to speed up and make the entire process as efficient as possible up to the cut».