Among Ovit solutions for post-print washing, plates and full sleeves for flexo printers, the Flexomatic stands apart. And for offset…

Ovit’s Flexomatic is a completely automatic machine that performs, in just minutes, table washing of multiple plates and ink removal, archiving and reuse. After nearly three years on the market and many units installed in Italy and abroad (Flexomatic is marketed worldwide), the Milanese concern presented a new model at the latest Converflex, updated and integrated with various stainless steel components. Ovit also launched at the fair the new Sleevematic, which performs the same operations on whole sleeves adopted in continuous printing processes. The machine has already completed beta testing and is thus ready for commercialization.

More performance in offset. Ovit has also updated its offset printing offer, for which it guarantees optimized performance in terms of ecology, savings and work quality.
The three most outstanding solutions proposed by the Milanese concern:
– the new Eolo humidifier, which guarantees the right humidity (%) throughout the production zone. It has applications in all fields requiring adjusted humidity and was met with excitement on the part of operators from various sectors;
– Renova Print, a tested fountain solution filtration system that enables saving on consumption materials and significantly reducing disposal costs;
– the AquaNova osmosis unit guarantees a high quality standard in the water used to feed prints, small or large format.

Ovit (Locate Triulzi, MI) manufactures equipment for the graphic arts, serving offset, flexo and digital printing processes, as well as color control, filtration and humidification. Its portfolio includes: offset plate processors (conventional and CTP), gumming units for chemistry-free plates; film processors; plate cleaners; exposure units; vertical and continuous ovens; complete automated lines; stackers; filtration systems for water, processing, fountain solutions; inverse osmosis systems; densitometers: plate readers.