Since 1987 Errepi, a company born in San Giustino froman idea of founder Roberto Rossi, has been exportingpackaging and labeling machinery and equipment worldwide. The success of this small Umbrian company comes from the continuous research and development of technological innovations for the automation of the production processof companies and from a highly qualified work team attentive to the needs of customers.

Errepi celebrates its 35 years of history and success through a celebratory logo. Founder Roberto Rossi’s vision, persistence and skills have led Errepi to be considered one of the best companies in the world for production, control and storage in the packaging and label industry.

The machines are made in the plant in San Giustino, the last municipality north of Umbria in the middle of the Upper Tiber Valley, and have achieved growing success in a very short time: the credibility gained over time thanks to reliability, productivity, efficient customer service and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, has allowed Errepi to reach the important milestone of being present in all continents of the world in a short time.

In particular, the Leonardo automatic rewinder has been and continues to be the company’s flagship product. Roberto Rossi says of his creation, “It is our most popular machine because of its efficiency and ability to increase company productivity. The finished product is of high quality and operator activity is kept to a minimum. The very high technological level of its components and the very high standard of performance allow it to be considered at the forefront of the international label machine scene.”

A wide offer of solutions

Over the years, the company has specialized in building a wide range of machines (about 600) for label production based on the ideas and inputs of its highly qualified work team and valuable feedback from customers. Part of Errepi’s offerings are the Galileo flexographic printing machine, the Giotto control table for final quality control, the Dante die cutter for high production quantities, the Volta, Michelangelo, Tiberino and Leonardo rewinders, and the Vittoria and Vittorino tube cutter for obtaining cardboard or plastic cores.

Future Perspectives

Errepi Administrator Francesca Pierini focuses her attention on the company’s growth: “There is a positive trend that has been consolidating for a few years now, thanks mainly to the investments made on the increasingly cutting-edge technologies of our machines, in our structure and in human resources, in order to have a high-level and highly specialized staff. The company’s growth makes us very proud and is the stimulus to set ever more ambitious goals.”

Errepi’s sole shareholder Arianna Rossi outlines future prospects. “We are proud to export  our “Made in Italy” products throughout the world, whose names are a tribute to the greatest geniuses of our country. The progressive development of the Errepi brand imposes an increasing internationalization of our company and, consequently, the need to explore new markets. Being present in new geographical areas is the next goal in view of our 50th anniversary.”


Vittoria, the unique and futuristic core cutter

The core cutter with Errepi’s patented dual circular blade cutting system is the ideal machine for obtaining cardboard or plastic cores of various diameters and lengths. The productivity and state-of-the-art automatisms exclude the presence of an operator, core storage saves space and inventories, and the finished product is of high quality. This little technological jewel is the result of years of research and innovation and is an indispensable machine for every label manufacturer because it was created to support the needs of roll label companies. Vittoria offers the possibility of setting different processing quantities (size and diameter change), fully automatic processing without the help of a stationary operator, ensures the immediate availability of the core in the required size and product traceability, and saves large committed spaces for the storage of unused cores.

Italian label equipments since 1987

Errepi was founded in San Giustino in 1987 from an idea of Roberto Rossi who, together with his wife Francesca Pierini, started their own labeling equipment manufacturing business. It is the initials of the two surnames – Erre and Pi – that give the company its name. The first product is a particularly reliable automatic rewinder with simple automation, which meets with immediate appreciation, attesting Errepi as a key player in labeling and packaging.

The strengthening of the technical staff, the stimuli emerging from customer requests, enthusiasm and the desire to perfect themselves lead to the creation of Leonardo, a new automatic rewinder destined to make the company’s history. Its simplicity, efficiency and reliability sustain Errepi’s success on the international scene, where the ambition to export Made in Italy in the world is witnessed by the names of the great Italian geniuses assigned to each new machine: in addition to Leonardo we have Dante, Michelangelo, Galileo, Giotto, Raffaello, Volta…

In 2008, Arianna Rossi, Roberto and Francesca’s daughter, joins the company, the product offering is expanded and the worldwide service capability is strengthened. And here we are at 2022, and at a 35th anniversary all to celebrate.