Antonio Mosca, Head of Digital Transformation: “In such a complex market, innovation can be granted only by creating an ecosystem between industrial partners, customers and research centers”.

Speaking at MIAC, Fabio Perini SPA presented its approach to face the challenges posed by Industry 4.0 and accelerate digital transformation.

Antonio Mosca, Head of Digital Transformation at Fabio Perini , commented: “Several studies have pointed out the huge extent of chances offered by digitalization, so much that around 90% of companies are developing digital plans; however, only one out of three of these declare they are really prepared to manage digital innovation in an effective way”.

The complexity of markets, among which the Tissue market industry“, Mosca continued, “requires companies to cooperate with each other. By doing so, customers can be supplied with solutions, helping them to reach their business targets, thanks to the general and across-the-board efficiency, that can be ensured only by integration across the whole value chain”.

All this is made possible through the Open Innovation Model, a process supporting cooperation and partnerships among companies, research centers, customers and investors, enabling optimal knowledge exchanges. It is actually a real co-innovation process, which, by building on the strong points of each partner, makes rapid and effective development possible, discovers new business models and increases profitability by focusing on cost reduction, time-to-market optimization and quality enhancement.

“Fabio Perini’s approach to Open Innovation involves – Mosca continued – “open” processes that can integrate external and internal knowledge systems, resources and skills. Cooperation with other players is also accelerated through partnerships with startup incubators and technologic poles, research and projects with universities, startup scouting, hackathon sponsoring.

“Such an open cooperation – Antonio Mosca concludes – has already yielded great results, and some of the solutions in our digital offer have been developed thanks to partners involved in our Open Innovation process”.

“Every cooperation needs also physical locations. For instance, in Fabio Perini we have a digital innovation center, the Tomorrow Lab: an actual Open Innovation laboratory, designed to share knowledge and cooperate with suppliers, universities and institutions. We have also launched the Tissue Performance Center, where our experts work in direct contact with customers on the big data from their lines, recorded in real time by their machinery, to suggest improvements to maximize OEE”. In addition, is the result of a cooperation between Fabio Perini and Körber Digital, the core of the digital transformation of the Körber Group. It is an innovative digital marketplace, specific for the Tissue industry, that makes the most of all the advantages of the Open Value Chain: it creates value for the whole market by bringing together as many market players as possible.