Durst’s label workflow is enriched with the new feature “Save Ink, Reduce Costs”.

For Durst “save ink” is not just an imperative. It is one of the most interesting innovations of the recently released version 1.10 of the “Durst Workflow Label”. To reduce the ink costs and consequently to achieve the most cost-effective production, intelligent software algorithms minimize ink consumption on the premise of leaving the appearance of the motif as unaffected as possible.

«Every Durst Tau RSC label press is an integrated part of a modern production ecosystem», explains Martin Leitner, Product Manager of Durst’s Labels and Flexible Packaging Business Unit. «That’s why, in addition to hardware development, we are extremely focused on software integration and workflow. We are aware that software is a key component to create added value for our customers».

A software with many features Since 2015, all Tau printers are equipped with the software solution “Durst Workflow Label”. The prepress software, a genuine Durst in-house development, is now used by more than 250 customers for file and job management, color management, the creation of variable data processes and the ripping of print-ready files.  A team of experts is constantly working on improvements, to provide Durst customers with the best possible support at all levels. One of these developments is the new “Save Ink” feature.

The advantages of the Save Ink option Durst analyzed more than 100 different customer jobs to verify the saving potentials. By activating the option, an average of 12% of the color costs can be saved in a CMYK printing configuration. This not only increases the margin per job. The reduced production costs allow more and longer jobs to be printed economically, thus improving the workload of the digital presses.

Martin Leitner: «Ink consumption and ink costs have a significant impact on the operating costs of a UV inkjet printing system. Now, with the new “Save Ink” feature and our highly pigmented Tau RSC UV inks, we can offer our customers a printing solution that will significantly increase their competitiveness».

It is the operator who chooses The new “Save Ink” function analyzes the print job based on a complete image analysis and replaces the original color combination with an alternative one to consume less ink without significantly changing the appearance of the print. The operator can select the level of ink savings based on the impact on the print result. For example, in extreme ink saving mode, the software increases the allowable Delta E00 value by 2, relative to the best possible result without ink saving.

The new feature is available for all customers, who are using the latest version of the Durst Workflow Label 1.10, released beginning of Summer 2021.