THINK DIGITAL This is the title of the last open house organized by Inglese Srl in order to showcase preprinting technologies and, most importantly, to present its own reelfed printer for color labels.

Last autumn Sonia Clama Inglese, president of the eponymous company, convened with her colleagues in an informal and convivial atmosphere to welcome customers and operators to an open house event organized with Esko and Toray in order to present the best of its digital technologies on offer. In the spotlight were Esko label preprinting systems, Torelief plates and the new Inglese reelfed digital printer DP210, also for labels. This model is particularly suitable for high quality small runs and has aroused excitement and curiosity, in part thanks to the live demonstration given using a few customers’ files.

Imaging and plates: the “pre” phase
Guests at “the Inglese house” had first of all the opportunity to view a complete demo of Esko’s 12.1 suite, along with a presentation of the latest developments in HD and Full HD technology and an overview of CDI digital imaging systems, led by Davide Meroni, Daniele Della Valle and Giovanni Vigone, Esko managers all, who also managed to report the performance of their products more generally in the field of flexographic printing.

Marcello Morara, Inglese’s sales director, then illustrated the complete range of Torelief® digital and analog plates, which can be developed with water, and of which the concern is the sole Italian importer and distributor. Particular care was dedicated to the UV flexo plates 114YSE and 170YSE, which were developed in order to obtain, among other things, extremely high print quality in just 20 minutes (these plates were launched just after Labelexpo Europe).
Moreover, in its show room, Inglese presented its equipment, successfully sold in Italy and abroad for years, among which drawer type processors and the completely automatic lines for the processing of the plates, the automatic machines for cleaning of the plates after the printing, etc.

The digital printer
The DP 210 sparked the interest of the last portion of the event. This machine is able to process from 10,000 to 80,000 labels per month, including finished ones, and can be equipped with a module for variable data. It was designed to print, using LED technology, very high quality labels (1200 x 600 dpi) with 4 colors in a single step. The labels are chemically resistant, requiring no lamination or waterproofing of the support.
Inglese DP 210 produces 2,000 pcs in less than 20 minutes (a speed of 9.14 m/min) and can produce self-adhesive, pre-die-cut and other labels, on paper as well as film and approved synthetic materials. Special software facilitates importing and any graphic modifications to the PDF, as well as cost per label estimates for each work in   progress.                                                                              

Graphic arts all’Inglese – Founded in Bologna in 1956, Inglese Srl supplies solutions for the graphic arts and, in particular, has been the exclusive Italian importer of Torelief® brand plates by the Japanese Toray Industries Inc. Inglese also represents Esko for Italy. The latter company was awarded a Bronze Reseller last year. Inglese markets the concern’s softwares and CTPs for label printing, and rounds out its offer with processors for analog and digital photopolymer plates with water developing, exposers and prized post-printing systems. In 1995, Inglese entered the Italian tin engraving market and, in 2013, created DP210 for digital color printing of labels in reels, launched at the last Labelexpo Europe.