A year ago those who took over the directorship of Converting announced the editorial plan of the new magazine. The concept was simple: to create and make information available that is useful to industrial printing – in our case that of flexible and paperbased packaging – one need understand what the users, meaning the brand owners and the general retail trade want. That is to say, as well as reporting correct and timely information on solutions that make the present and draw out the future of package printing, Converting magazine wants to show what they are for and how they are used, offering suppliers precious feedback to orient and help their way of working.

This promise has been kept

Throughout 2017 Converting magazine enhanced its technical and market columns with stories of intersectorial cooperation and with interviews with trendsetting brand owners who continue to lead the way. In this issue, for example, we celebrate an event that brought together the best printers of the year along with their suppliers (we are speaking of the Italian Printing Oscar, for the first time open to packaging), explaining the reasons for this success. As well as that, we publish an exclusive interview with Roberto Masciambruni, Head of Packaging Design at Angelini, who analysed the changes imposed on packaging by the imminent law on serialising pharmaceutical products, to then speak of the future, drawing out scenarios and revealing projects.

And now the new is on its way

This second year of life of the magazine, after much work, sees the ripening of other elements of the new project, which show first fruit in this issue.

  • Aboveall, thanks to the cooperation between Acimga with Studia.Bo, we inaugurate a series of articles dedicated to the analysis of key markets of great potential interest to our exporters. We start with Vietnam and will proceed with many other economies, providing data, analyses and prospective assessments.
  • The column part, signed by Carmen Cislaghi, will update on the norms and standards that regulate the sector, in particular regarding safety and machine regulations.
  • Lastly – the most ambitious and committal part of the project – the feature articles under the In Depth heading take off, where company, university and research body R&D personnel share the latest developments in research with our readers. The first contribution, that we owe to the commitment and openness of David Triulzi (ACE Electrostatic), offers updates on ESA systems for eliminating electrostatic charges.

In the meantime the second issue of the year has been published, which you can browse online on our website www.convertingmagazine.it, and we are working on the third one, which will be distributed at the Print4All fair (Milan, 30 May-1 June 2018).

Let’s stay in touch!