Autumn has finally arrived, and here we are closing out a magazine full of news about printing and converting companies that, despite the socio-economic difficulties (and the shifts in the geopolitical balance, to which the new war in the Middle East is giving a new, bloody, blow) are moving lively. And they continue to improve the ability to make a profit and to act responsibly in the world and in society ever further forward.

It is also the issue that hosts the “Special Report” dedicated to flexo printing and which, in a few weeks’ time, will be distributed at Flexo Day, for the first time hosted in Milan together with the award ceremony for the winners of the BestInFlexo competition. Readers will find at the end of the “Market News” the names of the candidates for the important award for excellence in flexo printing.

Among the many contents of interest, I want to bring to your attention the fourth and last of the articles written in series by Francesco Bordoni on what to do (and what not to do) to buy an industrial plant. “It seems easy” – as the little man with the moustache used to say in a old Italian Bialetti ADV campaign – but it is not so. Without awareness, method and rigour, the possibility of running into many, often costly, problems is far from remote. Has this painstaking work of enumeration and advice helped you?

Finally let’s just mention the manylet’s events and appointments that populate the now few weeks to the end of the year. Starting with the new vote on the draft PPWR that could reshape the way goods are packaged as early as next year.