Image S presents Spark SP-5000M-PMCL and Spark SP-5000C-PMCL, a pair of 5 megapixel industrial cameras by JAI. They are characterized by high performance in output, guaranteed by the new CMOS 2560 x 2048 pixel sensor.

Image S, Italian suppliers of components for the Image Processing destined for different markets (industrial, scientific and medical), presents two new 5 megapixel industrial cameras of the high-performance Spark JAI family. Called Spark SP-5000M-PMCL and Spark SP-5000C-PMCL,they are equipped with Mini Camera Link interface and can generate output at full resolution of up to 134 frames per second (fps) for 8-bit monochrome images or Bayer color matrix, or 120 fps per image at 10-bits. They also support 12-bit output up to 61 fps.

At the heart of the system These benefits are guaranteed by the new CMOS 2560 x 2048 pixel sensor, developed by Anafocus (Lince5M250) and initially exclusively proposed by JAI. The SP-5000 cameras can thus count on a firmware with a variety of functions, that enable the combination of the output speed and the image quality.
For example, the SP-5000 sensor has an auto scaling feature (proportional zoom) that exploits the full well capacity of the pixels even in low light conditions, to minimize noise and improve the dynamic range. The color model (SP-5000C-PMCL) has an on-chip 4-channel analog gain function, utilized to allow individual adjustment of R, G1, G2, and B information for better white balancing and shading correction with reduced noise.
Algorithms and other aids JAI has added correction algorithms of the pattern at the edge of the camera, to reduce noise and improve performance in low light conditions. Additionally, the JAI Auto Level Control (ALC) function integrates the functions of automatic gain control, auto shutter and auto iris into a single function that enables optimization of the control of self-exposure in order to improve the signal/noise ratio, to obtain the maximum shutter speed and other benefits. The two cameras are also equipped with a control circuit auxiliary optics with P-iris control and 3 axial programmable control of optics with motorized zoom or other analogous accessories.
Lastly, loa Double Mini Camera Link interface can be configured to obtain different frame rates, with base, medium and full configurations. The device can also be powered through the camera link connectors using a dual-channel powered frame grabber or with a separate 12-pin connector.
The applications Thanks to the combination of speed and resolution, the SP-5000-PMCL cameras are ideal for inspection of production lines, high speed, process monitoring, and acquisition of events. The ROI (region of interest) and binning functions, available on both models in both color and monochrome, offer an even greater flexibility benefiting from both the high speed as well as the high resolution of the camera.
Outdoor applications benefit from the functionality of the automatic level control (ALC), the integrated high dynamic range (monochrome) and resistance to extreme temperatures enabling operation at  between -45* C and +70* C.
The SP-5000-PMCL model can be fitted with standard C-mount lenses; the dimensions are 62 x 62 x 55.5 mm (height x width x length). JAI is about to also launch model SP-5000 with CoaXPress interface, Dual GigE Vision and USB3 Vision.