Re Controlli Industriali presented two new features at Drupa along with many other revampled products  following the progress of technology and user demands.

Extreme is a pneumatic brake of innovative design and optimal performance in terms of power, compactness, torque and brake pad life, which drastically reduces maintenance costs. It was developed by the R&D section of the Lombard company, supported by adequate investment and decades of experience, along with T-four: the new tension regulator capable of controlling, with the utmost precision, ever lighter materials, even at high speeds and in both types of closed loop and open loop systems.
Re Controlli Industriali produces  a complete range of equipment for process automation for manufacturing paper, film, cardboard and laminates.
The   Bussero (MI) headquarters coordinates a well structured network of companies operating worldwide, including the subsidiaries Re China, Re Latina  (Brazil) and re Shilp (India) and a network of sales and service centers serving over 30 countries.