The NOVA SX 550 LAMINATOR is a plug and play machine designed to deliver cost-effective performance for all production lengths on a wide range of substrates and thickness.

Brand owners and converters are facing two main challenges – sustainability and agility. We have set out to shape the future of the packaging world by actively driving industry transformation with the digitalization, connectivity and automation of equipment and services for sustainable production.

The new NOVA SX 550 LAMINATOR takes solventless lamination to the next level. It features a highly modular design which can be configured with either transfer rollers or sleeves or monolithic/integral rollers. It accepts the majority of existing roller types enabling converters to use their existing stock of transfer rollers.

NOVA SX 550 LAMINATOR handles a wide range of substrates and thicknesses, including thin alu-foil, metallized film and stretchable substrates, from short run upwards.

From a productivity standpoint, the numbers speak for themselves; easy and quick set-up of job parameters within 1 minute; 15 minutes for a complete job changeover; 90 seconds for a transfer roller change; and 5 minutes to complete a fully automatic washing cycle. In addition, NOVA SX 550 LAMINATOR does not require foundations. It is a plug & play installation that can be completed in just one week.

Job changes are fast and do not require the use of tools, while reel centering is automatic with a linear encoder. An exclusive three-column machine layout enables full accessibility to the laminating nip for quality and process inspection without stopping the machine. NOVA SX 550 LAMINATOR standard web widths range from 1000 to 1500 mm – others are available on request – and speed is up to 450 m/min. It can handle reels up to 1.5 tons.

Featuring a highly efficient fume exhaust with double fan, a glass closure of the coating unit and an enclosed washing system, NOVA SX 550 LAMINATOR is equipped with the latest operator protection devices to enhance health and safety during use. “The machine is industry 4.0-ready for post processing data,” said Nanni Bertorelli, Product Manager, Coating and Laminating Product Lines, Bobst Italia. “There are four NOVA SX 550 machines already sold in Italy, the Middle East, Asia and in the US. This tells us that we’ve hit the mark with a solventless machine that is a good market fit irrespective of local market specificities. We are confident that our innovations will make an impact.”