In addition to definitively confirming the consensus that Rossini SpA products enjoy among flexible packaging printers, Print4All was an opportunity to verify the extraordinary interest expressed by the market for the new HydroBridge Carrier presented at the new supply chain fair. Unique and patented, HydroBridge is the first hydraulic expansion carbon fibre carrier that can be fitted on both pneumatic and hydraulic shafts, combining the advantages of the two systems: Hydro- Bridge guarantees a high level of mechanical rigidity and hence the possibility to print a perfect dot definition at a higher production speed. Basing themselves on the contacts made at the fair, the Rescaldina based technicians are building prototypes for all major flexo machine manufacturers, who will thus be able to experience the total absence of vibrations ensured by the new product at speeds of over 600 m. A precious aid was also presented at the fair: the Starlight sleeve plate carrier, weighing 40% less than average while retaining the printability characteristics of the Starcoat sleeves.