Unleashing New Business Opportunities with Variable Data Printing and Web2Pack Potential. Challenges and extraordinary stories of two pioneering companies.

by Adi Shorer, Product and Marketing Manager HP PageWide Industrial

In the ever-changing world of corrugated packaging, digital presses have emerged as a game-changer. They offer benefits such as quicker time-to-market, sustainability, and high-quality prints. However, their full potential is yet to be realized. By utilizing these technologies and their ability to support Variable Data Printing (VDP) and the Web2Pack business model, businesses can unlock new opportunities, offer personalized experiences, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

The Power of VDP

VDP is a digital printing method that allows for customization and personalization within a print run. By seamlessly integrating variable content, like text, images, or graphics, into the printing process, VDP enables the creation of highly targeted and personalized printed output based on consumer data such as gender, preferences, or region. With VDP, businesses can engage consumers by delivering relevant and compelling messages directly on corrugated packaging.

Overcoming Workflow Challenges

Although printing variable content is relatively straightforward on a digital press, integrating VDP into the analog workflow for corrugated packaging production presents challenges. To address these challenges, investments in scanning devices and workflow automation are needed to track each box through production and address issues as they arise, such as reprinting damaged boxes. While these investments may involve technical complexities, they are increasingly common practice. Collaborating closely with digital print technology partners, focusing on quality control, and optimizing workflow integrations will ensure a smooth implementation and provide reliable capabilities that surpass current analog processes.

With continuous advancements in digital printing technologies and data analytics, leveraging VDP as a business development tool empowers converters and brands to deliver relevant and compelling messages directly on corrugated packaging. This enhances brand awareness and creates memorable and engaging experiences for consumers.

Driving Business Growth

The power of VDP to drive business growth can be demonstrated by Melinda, an apple consortium in Northern Italy. Melinda partnered with Ghelfi Ondulati, a customer of the HP PageWide T1100 Series Press, on impactful campaigns. It all began in 2016 when they used social media and digital print to support Italian farmers and their families affected by an earthquake. This initial campaign was followed by another innovative initiative that showcased Melinda’s high-quality apples by featuring its farmers digitally printed on the apple trays.

These campaigns evolved into an ongoing opportunity for Melinda to leverage its packaging to connect with both farmers and consumers, resulting in increased consumer engagement. For more information about Melinda’s remarkable packaging journey, visit Melinda.it.

Web2Pack: Empowering Businesses with Custom Packaging Experiences

Creating a Web2Pack operation introduces a new business and operational model for converters. It requires hiring a different workforce, committing to shorter delivery times than industry standards, and implementing workflows capable of efficiently handling high volumes of jobs. Optimal workflow tools allow for consolidation of boxes and jobs to optimize costs related to materials, labor, and shipping. Depending on job attributes, finishing may involve digital cutting tables or laser cutters for short runs and traditional die cutters for larger runs.

Fantastapack, an HP PageWide C500 Press customer, is a prime example of a successful business built around a Web2Pack operation. Fantastapack is a custom packaging company that offers various products, including boxes, mailers, dividers, inserts, retail displays, and food & drink packaging. They allow buyers to order boxes in small quantities, from a single box to tens of thousands, with shipping in as little as 1-2 business days for rush jobs. Fantastapack also serves as a starting point for many VDP applications, such as graduation boxes, convention attendee boxes, marketing lead generation boxes, holiday gift boxes, and more. For more information, visit the website: www.fantastapack.com.

Like VDP, running an efficient Web2Pack operation creates opportunities for converters to redirect volumes to their analog business. Orders can start with digital printing for samples and short runs, and converters have the flexibility to move high volumes to their analog equipment or keep them on complete digital lines.

Embracing a New Era

The convenience, efficiency, and value-added benefits of VDP and Web2Pack, combined with the capabilities of HP Digital presses, empower businesses to create compelling and differentiated offerings that engage consumers and build brand preference in a highly competitive market. Leveraging these technologies amplifies the potential for success and growth in the dynamic corrugated packaging industry.