Trade fairs are great opportunities to meet customers. In particular this year, at CCE International, Sipack had the pleasure of presenting two technological innovations added to its range of products: the flexo printer Royal VB DD 12.21 and the flexo folder gluer ONE DRIVE 10.24 QS. Each of the two machines produced by Sipack, an Italian company that has been operating in the corrugated cardboard converting market for over 25 years, has been designed to offer its customers maximum performance and guarantee the highest quality of the finished product. With Royal VB DD 12.21 flexo printer, Sipack opens the doors to a type of product that maintains high quality standards of printing, production capacity and durability, all obviously guaranteed by the direct drive technology applied on each axis, which allow greater precision, position control and less machine maintenance.

Thanks to the installation of direct motors on the Royal series, and particularly in groups where there colour is present, high print quality is maintained, even with several printing groups, because the line guarantees there are no vibrations which could affect the finished product. Moreover, the vacuum system on the Royal VB DD 12.21 flexo printer is installed on the entire line to maintain the stability of the cardboard sheet from the input to output.

Sipack’s technological innovations do not end with the Royal printer – the QS 10.24, the latest version of OneDrive casemaker, has also been launched on the market. The OneDrive series has been designed with a focus on all the details, including the price, productivity and quality. The OneDrive series, which has been on the market for several years both with the open/close casemaker and printer slotter, from 2022 added the fixed group version to the range, to drastically reduce machine downtime due to product changeovers.

The line, which was delivered to an Italian customer, consists of a Lead Edge Feeder, four printing units with the quick change of cliché roll, UV drying ovens, slotter, rotary die-cutter, a vacuum folder gluer and royal counter ejector with top loading. The printing units equipped with quick-change cliché roll reduce times for product changeover and improves production organization. A vacuum conveyor belt has been installed on the line, which keeps the sheet perfectly stable during transit from one printing unit to the next. The slotter, with four pairs of shafts, is equipped with a mobile precision-cutting head robot in order to facilitate the management of the different formats and guarantee high performance. Lastly, a camera system can also be installed on all Sipack machines to help the operator to monitor the entire line. Sipack is once again a proud ambassador of Made in Italy in the design of machinery for corrugated cardboard converting machinery.