On July 15th Kohli Industries live webinar to present the new Thea-9one8-3.0 Gravure Press. Indian technology, western components, ambitious project.

Here is the link to register: https://bit.ly/360Nrga .

Here the full PR – Interactive Open House “Live in India”: gravure redefined by Kohli!

On Thursday, July 15, 2021, Kohli Industries will have their 2nd open house for the legendary Thea-9one8-3.0 Gravure Press. In case you missed it earlier, this is your chance to catch it again.

Thea-9one8-3.0, launched on June 16, 2021, broke all speed barriers and mindsets of Gravure printing worldwide. 500 m/min using Water based inks and 650 m/min using Toluene free solvent inks, a milestone witnessed by 500+ participants.

Now fuelled with “NYX”, Kohli’s Automatic Pre-register Setting Solution and powered by “IRIS”, Kohli’s Artificial Intelligence Platform, the upcoming open house will be a monumental event for the flexible packaging industry.  Don’t miss out!!! Register now: https://bit.ly/360Nrga

NYX: Kohli’s Automatic Pre-register Setting Solution. Quick and Easy Register Set-up with Minimum Material Waste.

IRIS: Kohli’s Artificial Intelligence Platfrom. Data Monitoring, Data Evaluation, Data Analysis.

Thea-9one8 is a concept of Ease:

  • Ease of job changeovers: shaft-less mounting of printing cylinders, interchangeable light weight ink trolleys and sleeve type impression rollers
  • Ease of registration: register presetting and set up of repeat jobs, high register accuracy at all speeds and fastest register correction during speed change and splice
  • Ease of production: maximum output with minimal downtime, manpower, wastage and energy consumption
  • Ease of information: live monitoring and live press updates any time, any place, any device
  • Ease of maintenance: predictive maintenance, interactive manuals and intelligent electronics for complete human-machine interaction

Equipped with the latest technology and automation from world leading powerhouses: Siemens, BST-Eltromat, Gama, Enulec, Rossini, Honeywell, E+L, Futec, Festo and SMC, Thea-9one8 offers a wide range of personalization and customization options.

With safety being an important aspect, Thea-9one8 is manufactured as per CE conformity following strict European safety standards.

Thea-9one8-3.0 is a machine that is conceptualized by machine operators, for machine operators, proudly designed and manufactured by Kohli in India.

See the future of Gravure Printing on July 15, 2021, at our Interactive Open House. 4.30 pm (India), 1 pm (CEST), 6 am (Mexico), 2 pm (Turkey), 6 pm (Jakarta). Register now: https://bit.ly/360Nrga