Uteco has been honored with the German Innovation Award 2023 in the category “Excellence in Business to Business – Machines & Engineering “ for the groundbreaking project: Onyx Go, the CI flexo press for short runs.

Onyx Go is the result of the collaboration between Uteco and Design Group Italia‘s Product Design and Engineering teams, representing a significant milestone in the printing industry. It has been designed to set new standards of environmental sustainability and operator well-being.

This recognition underscores Uteco commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering unprecedented levels of advancement in the industry. The German Innovation Awards jury, consisting of independent experts from various fields such as technology, digitalization, science, associations, and institutions, evaluated entries based on the level of innovation, user benefits, and efficiency. They considered factors like social, ecological, and economical sustainability, as well as energy and resource utilization during the evaluation process.

Onyx Go stood out due to its cutting-edge technology, user-centric advantages, and remarkable efficiency. Uteco’s staff is immensely proud of the talented individuals who played a crucial role in bringing the Onyx Go to life. As they celebrate this remarkable achievement, they remain focused on driving progress and setting new benchmarks in the printing industry.

They are excited about the future possibilities that lie ahead and will continue to develop cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of their customers.