The Italian technical graphic arts association TAGA Italia has organized a roadshow to promote awareness of the new ISO 12647-2 2013 for offset printing. The first took place on February 27th at the Istituto Artigianelli Milan and involved thirty technicians active in the work group dedicated to offset printing, coordinated by Luca Morandi.

ISO 12647-2, the first version of which as in 1996, is a voluntary standard and is focused on “Process control for the production of half-tone color separations, proofs and print production – Part 2: Offset lithografic processes”. The latest update, 2013, introduces many new features including the elimination of film reproduction requirements, the introduction of new TVI (tone value increase) curves and changes in color proofing, printing conditions and primary and secondary coloring requisities.
For the first time the new version also includes packaging and divides the workflow into three main areas concerning the definition of color data, color reproduction, and color conformity assessment.