MEMORIES AND FUTURE Now online the first chapters of the story of men and technology, of the ideas and the strategies that have made the Italian print and converting machine industry great. To be read on

Why would Acimga want a book on its history? Because reconstructing occurrences and events enables one to clarify the sense and the importance of the same, realising how important the facts and decisions of the past still are today. Writing about them enables one to reflect on oneself and “set down” the memory so that it isn’t watered down by the frenetic flow of things, finding and sharing the pride of an experience that can support the commitment of the future.
This is how the book on the history of Italian print and converting machine builders came into being, edited by the editorial staff of Converting – Edizioni Dativo: a work in progress, both because the story never finishes, as well as because the publication will be online in “instalments”.

The first three chapters have already been published on that chronologically tell the salient features starting from that 3rd Marc 1947 in which, in the studio of a Turinese notary, the constitution of Acimga was registered. An association that came into being under the double sign of Pisces: creative and concrete at the same time….

Invitation to read From the specific perspective of the print and converting machine builders, Acimga Story hence recounts the coming into being of modern Italian industry, with its family based origins and extraordinary capacity to impose itself on the world stage. Aboveall thanks to the ingenuity of the technologies and solutions proposed, but also thanks to the “instinct” and commercial imagination of the entrepreneurs with their pronounced service attitude and customisation. A feature this that tells Italian products and Italian producers apart, ready to turn an individualistic approach, the small size of the firms, the age-old shortcomings of Italy as a country system into virtues – or rather into a strategic advantage.

Associated together, the Italian producers of the segment would give rise to Gec and Centrexpo, Converflex and Grafitalia, they would field synergies with neighbouring sectors and vital cooperation with  other segments of the industry up to giving rise, just a few years back, to the Italian print and graphics federation. And not alone but together they would take on the big international markets (Acimga has direct offices in China, USA and Russia), (Acimga can rely  on an international network in China, India, USA and Russia), would exploit the promotional potential of professional training abroad, they would invent the “tecnhnological week” and Italy Point, and lastly (coming up to the here and now) they would witness the flourishing of a handful of “pocket multinationals” that today dominate the world in their respective specialties”.                         

Acimga Story is divided into two large chapters “A past of success” and “A present as protagonist”. The organization of the contents, the writing of the work, the publication and the promotion on the web are by the Converting-Edizioni Dativo editorial staff. The first chapter was drawn up on the basis of a documentary study and a first draught of journalist Giuliano Di Girolamo.