Epsilon Composite launches the new series of CyKlon brand carriers: three patented models with increasing rigidity, for greater efficiency and printing speed.

Responding to the increasingly stringent and differentiated  market demands, Epsilon Composite has created the new series of CyKlon carriers which, thanks to their extreme rigidity, reparability and bridge structure, allows for increased printing efficiency and speed.

The CyKlon series is available in both pneumatic and hydraulic versions and consists of three models, produced on the same platform:

  • Essential, ideal for stable printing at speeds in the order of 300 m/min. The above-average rigidity allows continuous use while maintaining the quality of the final product;
  • Evolution, designed for complex printing at high speed. It is characterized by an even higher rigidity, which allows a further reduction of bouncing phenomena;
  • Star, which represents the state of the art of carriers: it reduces vibrations to levels never reached before, increases productivity up to 50% and allows to work at a speed higher than 500 m/min continuous.

The patent All CyKlon series products are based on Epsilon’s patented “K1” technology, which allows to reach very high levels of rigidity by integrating the air ducts.  These carriers are equipped with measures to eliminate the de-lamination of the carbon fiber: thanks to this they maintain their performance over time and enjoy a much longer life span.

The service Epsilon Composite’s longstanding collaboration with leading manufacturers allows Epsilon Composite to produce carriers suitable for any brand and model on the market. A high-profile and competent technical-commercial service is therefore able to offer each user the products best suited to their needs.

The after-sales service, which ensures the reparability of the products, is also very accurate. Epsilon technicians diagnose and implement the necessary actions to restore the carrier to its original efficiency; if this is not possible, the French supplier offers replacement carriers at favorable prices.