Decorating paper with glossy or metallic special effects offers brand owners new opportunities to make their products stand out.

Kurz demonstrated how at the last Packaging Innovations Xeikon Café (Antwerp, 10-12 March 2015), organized for the second time, with great success, by Xeikon and Aura in order to exchange updates on the hot topics in printing and converting packaging using digital processes.
The Kurz group, famous for quality hot foil and coating, as well as an event partner, took advantage of the occasion to present its latest hardware. Called DM Liner, it is a machine for finishing with high gloss or Digital Metal® holographic foil, which operates in two phases: first the support is partially printed with a dry toner and coated, on the DM Liner, with the Digital Metal foil; finally, it is overprinted, digitally or offset, to achieve a wide variety of metalized colors.
Since preprinting with toner is controlled by a digital process, it enables reproducing even variable data and other custom elements. DM Liner can apply 5-30 m/min of Digital Metal® foil on supports with weight between 90 and 350 g/m2 and can be effectively used even for completing short runs.