The welcome of the new CEO Peter Lechner and the flexo trends illustrated by President FTA Europe, Sante Conselvan, introduced live demos that documented the performance of EVO XD in heptachrome with water-based inks. In the spotlight of the big Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica event of last 15-16 November, the machine and the technologies that contribute to creating, with an efficient and rational workflow, quality food compliant printing that respects the environment

Reports on the state of the art from Sun Chemical (water-based inks), Simonazzi for Trelleborg / Axcyl (anilox and sleeve), BST Eltromat (quality controls). And the futuristic Dataglass that allow Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica service technicians to remotely monitor in real time the machines “as if” were in the user’s factory, to give effective indications on the actions to be done.

The turnout of hundreds of Italian and foreign prospects, journalists, suppliers and flexo-experts from the entire supply chain was very gratifying. Who at the end of the EVO XD tests were also able see the two new systems under production that have been sold to two large converters (one Italian and one international), for high quality printing of folding cartons and gift wrapping paper.