Characteristics and functionalities of Aquacure™, the innovative, functional, waterbased ink devised by Sun Chemical.

Exploiting the skills built up inside the company and cooperation with important partner companies, SunJet – Sun Chemical’s inkjet division – has developed technologies that mark a new stage in the evolution of this type of print. Particularly significant, on this count, the composition of the waterbased ink Aquacure, that combines the best of waterbased as well as UV curing technology, with a series of advantages for large format printing.

High performance and low odour. Aquacure features as a highly functional product, based on a totally new concept in the inkjet printing ink field. A concept, as the SunJet technicians explain, that ensures high quality printing, with greater grip on a broad range of substrates, as well as a surprising flexibility and versatility in production, improved sturdiness and a broad range of colors. On top of that, Aquacure is 90% made up of water and is low odour, decisive factors on the level of safety and environmental friendliness: compared to solvent based and UV cure products it generates less risks for human health, has positive effects in terms of the healthiness of the  production environment and drastically reduces labelling problems.

Versatile and green. «Aquacure is the result of several years of intense research, development and investments made by SunJet following a totally new vision and approach, and it is all the more important as a result in that many of the traditional inks are approaching maturity», explains Peter Saunders, Global Business Director of SunJet.
«The great versatility of this waterbased product together with its numerous environmental advantages, its compatibility with a series of substrates, the broad range of colors and the quality of print, makes Aquarcure particularly interesting for large format specialists. Its waterbased composition and UV curing offer a completely new platform, preparing the ground for further future innovations».

Double curing. Aquacure demands a double curing system inasmuch as it uses both heat as well as UV (or EB). After being applied it is cured and hence dried to produce a film that is extremely longlasting and water resistant. On top of that, the greatest concentration of light resistance pigments in a thinner ink film makes Aquacure particularly suited for both indoor and outdoor applications as well as for signage. Not to mention a range of hues and a shine well above traditional inkjet products.