On the wave of the success of the streaming event on June 24th on the “Factory of the Future”. (followed by over 1200 spectators connected  from all over the world), Acimga is preparing its Print4All Conference amidst and intense series of Autumn fixtures. There will be four international roadshows organized by the association of Italian machine manufacturers under the Print4All Conference brand, in collaboration with as many countries: Algeria, Egypt, United Kingdom and Turkey. Four moments to continue the important confrontation of ideas started in June with the involvement of experts and analysts from all over the world, which you can see in the videos at this link.

In the meantime, Acimga already announces the new edition of the Conference: it will be held in spring 2021 and will represent another milestone on the way to the next Print4All fair, scheduled in Milan on 3-6 May 2022. Updates after the summer break.