Interview with engineer Patrizia Pinto, Uteco’s chief customer service officer.

Uteco is facing a period of deep transformation, which has also involved the Customer Service. Engineer Patrizia Pinto, Chief of Customer Service of the multinational manufacturer of printing and converting machines, explains which projects are ongoing and their expected results.

Engineer Pinto, how is Uteco’s Customer Service changing? 

The new investment plan launched by NB Renaissance’s ownership has allowed us to develop an ambitious roadmap for the development of Customer Service, aimed at strengthening our offer and presence in the world alongside our customers.

We want to offer a service that is attentive to customers’ needs, guaranteeing fast and quality on-site assistance, supported by a team of technicians with proven experience. The geolocation project, which will be developed over a 4-year time frame, will involve the opening of 8 new Service Points starting with Spain, Emirates, Nordic countries and Brazil. At Uteco we are aware of the complexities that the flexible packaging market is facing at this time of rapid transformation and for this reason we want to proactively approach this change with a clear vision and innovative solutions. The new Digital Service Platform, currently under development, will enable a new Customer Service operating model and expand the range of services offered through a single interface designed for the customer.

What kind of innovations are being developed to meet customer needs?

This year, with the implementation of the Digital Service Platform, we will activate a new call center integrated with all service points and programmed to handle different requests directly from the location closest to the customer. The same tool will allow us to manage the planning and scheduling of on-site interventions.

Remote Assistance will be fully integrated with new technologies under development. Smart Glasses and Voice Interaction are tools that will allow both Uteco and the customers to remotely interact with our team of experts, optimizing resolution times and reducing travel costs.We will improve the Digital Knowledge Management system by enabling chat-bots for remote troubleshooting and introducing “machine learning” functionality to keep the system continuously updated.

Within the same digital platform, we will introduce an e-commerce channel for the sale of spare parts.We are also expanding our services portfolio: among the latest services launched are the Programmed Maintenance and Machine Inspection contracts, designed for those who want to optimize their machines use and life cycle. Another important service launched in the last month is the Standard Upgrades, which will allow our customers to bring innovation to their production processes with significantly reduced timing, thanks to the logic of Make to Stock.

Finally, to meet the needs of customers who require maximum flexibility during the evaluation phase of a new investment, Uteco is launching the Machine-as-a-Service: a multi-year, fixed-fee operating lease solution that includes maintenance service along with the purchase of the machine. As anticipated, this is an ambitious roadmap supported, however, by a highly trained and motivated team