While you are reading the last issue of the year on your desk (if you don’t have the magazine on your desk, click here to read the magazine), we are already anticipating some things about the 2022 editorial programme.

A year that will finally see a return to trade fairs. And Converting will be there. Starting from ICE-CCE in March, then Labelexpo in April, Print4All in May and K in October. And let’s not forget the other conventions, awards and roadshows that will lead us along the way.

A year that we will follow by developing some SPECIALS, in which we will involve the reader on the technologies that govern the application outlet markets and that will be, in order:

  • Rotogravure
  • Label Printing & Substrates
  • Hybrid Printing
  • Package Printing & Substrates
  • Flexo

Another new feature of the year is the ‘Under the Lens‘ section. We will be developing reports and concrete cases where technology and processes, combined with strategic corporate decisions on sustainability and Industry 4.0, create new products and new ways of producing packaging and labels. Our editorial staff will put under the lens:

  • Industrial Packaging
  • Wine and Spirits
  • Cosmopharma and Healthcare
  • Food Packaging
  • Private Label

The entire year’s path will then have as elements and topics of continuity some keywords that you will find again as “the 2022 Converting hashtags“.

#cases #corrugated_board #talking_labels_ #AR #traceability #logistics #sustainable_packaging #e-commerce #short_run #tissue #rotogravure #flexible_packaging #packaging_barrier #substrates #laminates #coating #sustainability #industry4.0

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