We spoke with Fabio Deflorian, managing director of Sun Chemical Italia, the multinational that is part of the DIC Group, about what it means to do business today.

«The future belongs to those open to change – in terms of organization, market approach and culture – and who are willing to invest in research». This is the Deflorian philosophy, consistently reiterated over the years.
Not words but facts: the current year has seen growing numbers, following up on a 2013 that ended with +5% average volume, both in Italy and abroad, for liquid inks, and positive numbers in the business of water-based inks for paper and corrugated cardboard, as well as solvent-based inks, coatings for thin aluminium and similar products.

«I’ve worked at Sun Chemical since 1996, and at that time I immediately set out to carry forward a process of continual change. Firstly by looking to re-organize production: in fact, Sun Chemical began in Italy by acquiring the business of Total, a heterogeneous collection of historic brands and production sites. Today, we have finally completed the work of rationalizing those activities, streamlining and renovating the Caleppio facility. During the last 3 years we have invested more than 12 million euros in system and plant automation in order to guarantee greater safety for our employees along with an increase in productivity and the solving of human error typical to our little-automated production cycle, that we now feel entitled to say are state-of-the-art.
Following this path, Sun Chemical Italia has grown and today represents more than 25% of the group’s total European turnover».

More safety, above all
«We want to move forward, and now phase 2 has begun», explains Deflorian. «Still focused on attention to service and quality, which is to say customer satisfaction, the objective is to move out of the gray area in which ink production dwells and build a business in step with the times, one that is cutting-edge, with care for design and layouts.
For example, at Caleppio we have just begun work on a completely automated powder transport system, with no manual intervention by operators, that will enable us to increase productivity and enhance the order, cleanliness and safety of the facility.  In other words, we are seeking to (further) accelerate our path to renewal and give an ever increasingly consistent image of our business».

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