The publication to make this technology known to printers, brand owners and marketers

It is a technology that combines a particularly high print quality with an excellent price per printed meter ratio that on long runs knows no rivals. We are talking about rotogravure, which gives its name to the manual “Loving Rotogravure: Know it to appreciate it“. In just over a hundred pages, the publication illustrates all its aspects, highlighting the applications and including a practical glossary at the end. From historical notes to workflow, from color to inks and varnishes, going by way of pre-press and cylinder engraving phases and, of course, of components such as the doctor blade and pressors. Printed in English and Italian, the manual is a multi-handed creation, where some of the leading experts in the field have shared their experience in an undertaking to popularise and promote rotogravure technology.

The publication is a project of the Italian Rotogravure Group, part of Acimga, to respond to a widespread need among professionals that so far has not been fulfilled: Allow printers, brand owners and marketers to get to know the strongpoints and characteristics of this technology. As stated in the introduction to the guidelines, in fact rotogravure “has skimped for far too long on promotion and information”.

As the work’s coordinator Gianmatteo Maggioni explains: “Italy has a great tradition and extensive know-how in rotogravure technology, this not only in machine construction, but also in cylinder engraving and component construction. So far all this was only known to a circle of insiders or little more. Allowing this knowledge to circulate means restoring to gravure its rightful role among printing, converting and packaging technologies“.

In addition to the chapter written by Gianmatteo Maggioni (Print cylinders) the manual includes the work of Giovanni Daprà (Introduction, historical background, process and prepress), Carlo Carnelli (Color), Giuseppe Gianetti (Inks), Angelo Alloggia (Pressors) and Sergio Santarlasci (Doctor Blade). The Italian Rotogravure Group, comprising representatives of more than 20 companies in the sector, with the aim of promoting this printing technology already, has further undertakings in the pipeline, including creating courses to train staff with the necessary skills and organizing an annual event involving all operators in the supply chain.