ICAP-SIRA launches new Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for open and close labels with optimal performances.

ICAP SIRA, a leading manufacturer of emulsions and specialty polymers for pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) applications, launches ACRILEM 210G, a new water-based, removable adhesive for open and close packaging to be used in a large variety of end markets, from food to personal care and home products.

The great problem of humidity

One of the most challenging properties of water-based PSA is to provide resistance to water and to avoid whitening effects due to water absorption. Poor water resistance and water whitening are mainly due to the hydrophilic nature of the PSA and to the migration of the surfactant towards the air-film interface and the formation of water entry pathways into the PSA film. Poor water resistance can compromise adhesion to substrate causing labels falling off or lifting up on the labels edge. On the other hand, water-based PSA are becoming increasingly important for the industry thanks to their better environmental and sustainability profile compared to solvent-based counterparts.

An innovative formulation

The special formulation of Acrilem 210 G allows to optimize the resistance to moisture and water whitening caused for example from water condensation upon temperature changes of grocery store items moved from consumer’s cold refrigerator to ambient temperature. The peculiar polymer design combined with hydrophobic properties of Acrilem 210G prevents failure of the open and close labels assuring that the adhesive performances keep unchanged over time and repeated use without any release of adhesive on the packaging. Acrilem 210G represents the ideal solution for open and close packaging to maintain the freshness as well as the integrity of items like food products, cleansing wipes, cosmetic wipes etc.

ICAP-SIRA is a family-owned company founded in 1945, specialising in the production, formulation, development and marketing of chemical specialties for the textile and non-woven, coating and self-adhesive sectors.

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