After months of due diligence and negotiations, ACE di Barbui Davide & Figli Srl becomes ACE Srl: a new holding company with Daniele Barbui on the lead, which acquires all activities and the company branch, from the family, to be enhanced in production and reorganized in terms of internal processes, supply chain and service.

The logic of this acquisition and corporate reorganization is to take the company to a new level in industrialization, in all aspects related to production and service. The company has a strong need to review its internal processes to ensure Total Quality both in the traditional electrostatics division and in the soon to be established new division focusing on Tissue.

«ACE – explains Daniele Barbui – interacts with technicians and managers of large machinery manufacturers, structured around the most advanced business models. In order to be able to speak the same language and act as an all-round partner we must therefore, in turn, evolve on all levels, in production and service alike. ”

A small fast-growing group

To implement this change ACE Company has decided to make use of Andrea Briganti’s strategic advice, focusing on interconnections and on building a network-based model rather than solely on internal organic growth.  «The order book of both businesses – electrostatics and tissue – is so relevant that it requires a very fast growth on our part, which will be carried out through acquisitions and partnerships as well. That’s why we have decided to be structured as a group, with a holding company and three subsidiary production businesses – ACE Srl, ACE Suzhou and the new company dedicated to tissue taking shape at this time in Lucchesia – and we count on adding more over time.” points out Barbui, who, in parallel, is working on a a  organizational reform of the new society, in order to match the vision and entrepreneurial governance with a skilled management at a  high degree of responsibility and autonomy.