CUTTING PLOTTERS Zund, together with some of its partners, has organized an “open source event” in order to demonstrate how major opportunities for profitability and competitiveness can be created by combining optimization and cutting-edge technology.

Less errors, less waste, less consumption, lower production costs: these represented the shared strategic goals during the first edition of Zund’s Production Days event, which was held on the 8th and 9th of last November at ZundLAB in Lodi. For the occasion, the Swiss group’s representatives in Italy organized an “open source event”, in order to share practical advice on how to produce more efficiently with operators of the printing and converting sectors. In fact, Production Days was designed with the objective of demonstrating how optimization and savings, along with the use of cutting edge technology, represent an extraordinary opportunity for increasing profits and competitiveness.

The many visitors were welcomed by a close-knit team of technical, creative, commercial and product specialists from ZundLAB and its partners, who showed how well they work together as a true team, a multidisciplinary one capable of recreating the dynamics of a complete cycle concern, with no lack of preprinting, printing and finishing departments connected online, a graphic studio, warehouse, technicians and marketing and production managers.

The technologies demonstrated – “On display” in Zund’s showroom were the two series of multi-function cutting plotters S3 and G3, along with Zund Cut Center and PrepareIT management software and the design software Impact for converting applications. Among the other concerns participating directly in the event, Neolt Factory showed the flexibility and extraordinary quality/price ratio of the hybrid UV printer for rigid materials AsterJET, which garnered particular acclaim for the FalconBoard range supports by Hexacomb, supplied by ForSign. The roll-to-roll production, on the other hand, was handled by INX Digital with its own Triangle EDX eco-solvent inks for Roland, while the entire process was piloted and controlled through a cable and wireless network, featuring the innovative Thrive workflow management system by Onyx, which includes countless functions and an appealing interface that can be controlled with an iPad. The event was “directed” with the help of consultants from 2be Partners.

«Setting up and making available to visitors a complete and fully functional workflow, from preprinting to finishing, has enabled us to demonstrate in a simple and direct fashion the extraordinary flexibility, power and integration potential of the G3 and S3 Zund platforms», declared Zund’s Gianluca Bondioli and Matteo Redaelli, following the demonstration. «The format’s viability was also made clear by the presence of many high profile graphics and converting concerns and, even more so, the average visit length of each attendee: between 3 and 4 hours, something unthinkable during a “normal” open house».   

A VISCOM BEST AWARD FOR THE S3 PLOTTER A prize for technologies that leave their mark: the prestigious recognition given to Zünd’s new S3 series plotter by the jury of the innovation competition held as part of Viscom Frankfurt 2012 (pictured: Oliver Zünd, CEO of Zünd Systemtechnik AG).
In particular, the jury appreciated the flexibility of this digital plotter, which is capable of executing any design type at high speed, on all materials more than 25 mm thick, as well as its modularity, which enables adapting it to emergent necessities with the addition of tools, modules or ad hoc handling systems.
The system’s quality/price ratio was also praised, as it makes the Zünd S3 an appreciated entry level solution. Finally, the system is sustainable, because its optimized propulsion and material handling system reduces energy consumption.