Some Italian companies specialised in print and converting technology have united to give rise to a new type of networking. A sort of orchestra, in which products and services, experience and market analyses are attuned, to give a harmonious rendition of the symphony of Italian excellence. To the benefit of international customers.

It is not an entrepreneurial association. Neither is it a new lobby. Not even may one call it a “business network” in the true sense. It is something new: a group of friendly companies, that have combined their talents to give greater strength to their voice on the global market. An alliance “of do-ers”, to cite one of the protagonists, to divulge (and defend) Italian excellence in the print and converting sector on a global level.

Projects Metaphor apart, 12 (for now) Italian machine, system and technology producers that all work to create packaging have come together to go beyond the limits of operating separately on the international market.
The overall objectives are to promote the products and services of each and everyone of them abroad; to unite competencies to be able to provide international buyers with all the responses they need, also in terms of knowhow and consultancy and to favour the exchange of experience between partners and stimulate technological innovation. Because, as aptly underlined by Claudia Benelli, general manager of Ferrarini & Benelli Srl, «going it alone in a strongly globalized market just doesn’t pay».
Starting up an ongoing, cooperative agreement with companies that propose highly technological products – Benelli goes on to say – allows one to share experiences and hence optimize proposals, to deepen ones respective knowhow and thus offer customers a more qualified “cross discipline” service as well as increase the international visibility of all concerned. And, even, «in terms of the search for new markets the strength of a concern like Orkestra might also favour the organization of co-marketing campaigns, training courses and joint participation at fairs».
Hence Orkestra has many facets, commercial head of ICR SpA Gianmatteo Maggioni states. And if the idea initially came about for defensive reasons («defence from competitors who propose themselves on the European market with aggressive price policies and a fairly relative regard for quality»), the “offensive capacity” of a reality like Orkestra soon become clear to all involved. Or better, more pacifically, «the strength that a group of partners capable of satisfying a variety of market needs is capable of building up by combining their experience and hence offering themselves to the customer as a sole interlocutor providing a complete, dedicated service».

Allegro, con sentimento It is common knowledge that to create good music technical excellence is needed but that excellence is not enough. What makes the difference, in the end, is the passion of the interpreter and the capacity of the same to communicate via the instrument. Orkestra is this too. This was clearly visible from the official debut, the “first performance” organized at Interapck 2014 and that not by chance took the form of a convivial dinner on the Rhine. The human atmosphere is borne witness to by Andrea Toschi, area manage of Grafikontrol SpA, who expresses the common sentiment defining Orkestra «more than an “assembly of companies” a “group of friends” who have come together to promote the skills and knowhow for which Italian industry is renowned for world ove»r. With in common the fact that they work in the same sector, even if in different fields, «each of us represents the best in their particular own sphere and, united as one single voice, we can bear testimony to Italian excellence in packaging» all the while gaining greater visibility, opportunities and tools. While keeping up the good vibrations.    

A group of well attuned soloists
Piece “The symphony of Italian technology”
Current conductor Paolo de Grandis, Grafikontrol (rotating role)
Musicians Acigraf, cylinder engraving systems; Brofind, air purification systems; Camis, gravure machines and flexographic platemounts; Digital Flex (Nuova Roveco Group), photopolymer systems for flexo printing; Eutrolog, robotics, logistics and automation; Ferrarini & Benelli, corona and plasma treatment systems; Gama, inking control systems; Grafikontrol, control systems for print automation; ICR, gravure cylinder engraving; Laem System, slitter-rewinders and converting machines; Simec Group, rollers with surface working and washing systems; Uteco Group, print and converting machines and systems.